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A Real Estate Litigation Lawyer Can Help with Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Dunsing & Deakins, LLC, can help you resolve complicated residential and commercial real estate disputes, including lease agreements, property line disputes, foreclosures, and more. Lucy H. Deakins has over a decade of experience in commercial litigation and contract disputes. At Dunsing & Deakins, LLCreal estate litigation lawyer can get to the bottom of complex transactions and reach resolutions that make sense. For help with a real estate litigation question, call Lucy H. Deakins in Denver, CO, today.

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A real estate litigation lawyer can assist with a number of commercial or residential real estate transactions. 

The Role of a Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

Real estate litigation lawyers wear many hats when involved with a real estate dispute, from reviewing contracts for purchase, the chain of title, loan agreements, and a multitude of other documents to determine the rights and obligations of each party. Some common types of real estate litigation that an attorney can help with are in the areas of:

  • Boundary and property lines: When a property owner buys a home or piece of vacant real estate, it is important to know the boundary lines. Knowing where your property starts and stops prevents you from encroaching on a neighbor, and also helps you recognize when your neighbors have crossed the line. But figuring out where the boundary lines are is not an easy task, because landscaping and other elements at play can change the visible appearance of piece of land. Letting a knowledgeable real estate attorney take a look is a good idea.
  • Title and deeds: Ownership of real estate is referred to as the “title” and titles are most commonly transferred by execution of deeds and other documents. The language to convey a piece of property must be precise and exact, as any error can create a cloud on the title and jeopardize the rights of the owner.
  • Ownership: Property can be owned by one person, a couple, a business, or any combination of these things; each one has different legal significance. One of the most important things for any property owner to understand is their rights and duties as an owner, because when questions arise as to who is responsible for certain things like maintenance, the ownership scheme becomes one of the most vital pieces of information to resolving a real estate dispute.

Not every case will be just right for trial, but when Court intervention is needed to resolve a dispute, it is essential to have an experienced real estate attorney by your side. 

  • Sale and specific performance: Unlike other commodities, real estate is unique. If a sales transaction falls through, it is difficult to compensate the injured party because selling or buying another piece of identical property is impossible. In these circumstances, the Court may order specific performance, meaning the parties must specifically perform as the contract requires.
  • Homeowner’s association disputes: Having an HOA is a benefit, but it also carries with it the potential for litigation. When HOA rules are not followed, the association can sue the homeowner and vice versa. 
  • Leasing: Leasing property is a special kind of real estate transaction and requires specialized knowledge when entering a lease. A tenant may have some of the same rights as an owner, and also some of the same responsibility. Gaining a clear understanding of the rights and obligations is essential to a peaceful lease term.

How to Handle Real Estate Litigation

Being involved in a real estate dispute can range from being foreclosed on to needing guidance drafting a rock-solid lease or commercial mortgage. Not every case will be just right for trial, but when Court intervention is needed to resolve a dispute, it is essential to have an experienced real estate attorney by your side. The terms of most residential and commercial real estate transactions are complex, with a lot of fine print and legal terminology. For the best result, let a qualified attorney decipher your case and advocate for a result that meets your needs.

Contact Our Office for More Information

If you have questions about real estate litigation or any of the other legal services we offer, let us help. We thoroughly review the documents that make up the transaction, and we give every real estate dispute the unique attention it deserves. To schedule an initial office consultation, contact us online, or call us in Denver, CO, at (303) 758-8981 or in Avon, CO, at (970)-343-0023.

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