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A Child Support Lawyer Can Help Navigate Legal Complexity

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Child support should be straightforward. It is supposed to be based on state guidelines, which are based on income, overnights and extraordinary expenses.  It is rarely that simple.

Dunsing & Deakins, LLC have seen money disappear and parents use closely-held businesses, family and friends to avoid paying their fair share. A non-custodial parent — the one paying support — may employ several tactics to reduce the child support burden:

  • Minimizing (or hiding) income
  • Voluntary unemployment (or underemployment)
  • Maximizing overnight parenting time

That parent may also simply stop paying, forcing you to manage on your own while your attorney and the courts pursue enforcement of your child support order.

On the other hand, the custodial parent sometimes resorts to equally bad faith activities, requiring the non-custodial parent to challenge a support award or increase.

Ensuring your child support rights are protected

A child support lawyer with Dunsing & Deakins, LLC can help you navigate Colorado child support law. Attorneys at Dunsing & Deakins, LLC hold M.B.A.s  and accounting degrees, and have years of experience ferreting out hidden assets and protecting their clients’ interests in proceedings to determine child support, enforce a child support order, or modify child support.

Parents in Colorado have a duty to support their children until the age of 19. The Colorado Department of Human Services provides information on the state’s Child Support Guidelines.

In reality, lawyers often try to persuade courts to deviate from the guidelines, making it imperative that your attorney understand the child support system and how best to make it work for you. This is even more important as recent statutory changes allow courts to deviate from guidelines based on time a child may spend with a parent during the day.

Fierce fighters on your side in a child support dispute

If you need an attorney who understands Colorado child support laws, contact Denver and Avon child support attorneys Dunsing & Deakins, LLC They really listen and prepare you for the road ahead.

They are available any time for a free consultation at the firm’s comfortable and welcoming offices in Denver and in the Vail Valley. Call the firm in Denver at 303-758-8981 or in Avon at 970-343-9923 to arrange your consultation, or contact the firm online. For your convenience, the firm accepts all major credit cards.

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Lucy, Wendi, and Fred were all amazing throughout my case. Lucy's knowledge and expertise, as well as the law firm's professional connections with mediators and child family investigators, led to a custody resolution that truly represents the best interest of my son. Many thanks! - Satisfied Client

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