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A Child Custody Lawyer Can Protect Your Children's Best Interests

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Dunsing & Deakins, LLC share your concern for the well-being of your children. The decisions made in a divorce and the parents’ and attorneys’ conduct during the proceedings can have a lifelong emotional impact on a child.

Whenever possible, a child custody lawyer encourages amicable resolution of child custody disputes. They never go looking for a fight. But avoiding a fight is often more of a dream than a reality in divorce. They warn clients to never assume that the other party will “play nice” or keep the children’s best interests in mind.

Aggressive representation. Sensible solutions.

The attorneys at Dunsing & Deakins, LLC know there is nothing more devastating than losing your parental rights. They build solid cases to present to a family law judge. They guide you through brazen attempts to get sole custody or to limit your child visitation rights, including allegations of substance abuse, domestic violence and neglect. In over 20 years as a Colorado family law attorney, Attorney Dunsing has seen parents try everything in nasty custody battles.

When the battle for custodial rights is tough, Dunsing & Deakins, LLC vigorously defends your rights and protects your children’s interests. Through strong advocacy, they aim for reasonable agreements that prevent future conflict by addressing specific issues, including:

  • Primary custody
  • Number of overnights for each parent
  • Pick-up and drop-off schedules and locations
  • Vacation, holiday and summer schedules
  • School, extracurricular and family functions
  • Virtual visitation — staying connected via the internet
  • Grandparent visitation

Sometimes, your interests and those of your children are best served by asking the judge to appoint a Child and Family Investigator (CFI) or Parental Responsibilities Evaluator (PRE). A CFI or PRE investigates your situation and makes recommendations to the court about what custody and visitation should be in your case. This is a critical process in determining long-term custody and parenting rights. Dunsing & Deakins, LLC can help you navigate these processes.

Fierce fighters on your side in a custody dispute

If you need an attorney who understands Colorado child custody and parenting time laws, contact Denver and Avon child custody attorneys Dunsing & Deakins, LLC. They really listen and prepare you for the road ahead.

They are available any time for a free consultation at the firm’s comfortable and welcoming offices in Denver and in the Vail Valley. For your convenience, the firm accepts all major credit cards.

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Lucy, Wendi, and Fred were all amazing throughout my case. Lucy's knowledge and expertise, as well as the law firm's professional connections with mediators and child family investigators, led to a custody resolution that truly represents the best interest of my son. Many thanks! - Satisfied Client

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