DUI Penalties By Joe Galera on October 30, 2020

Person in a jail cellLike most states, Colorado enforces harsh penalties to those found guilty of driving under the influence, or DUI. If a person is found guilty of DUI, they face both criminal consequences and administrative consequences. DUI penalties can have a huge impact on multiple areas of a person’s life, including their finances, freedom, and driving privileges.

The DUI lawyers at Dunsing, Deakins, & Galera help drivers from Denver, CO, and the Vail Valley, and surrounding areas, understand potential DUI penalties, as well as how they can defend DUI charges to reduce or eliminate penalties.

Jail Time

Colorado is notoriously strict with drunk drivers and does not shy away from penalizing those found guilty of DUI with jail time. A first-time DUI offender faces anywhere between five days and one year of jail time. If a driver is found guilty of a second DUI offence, there is a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 10 days, but again, drivers can face up to a year of jail time. After a third time offense, there is a minimum jail sentence of 60 days. Finally, Colorado has classified it as a class 4 felony to be found guilty of DUI after three or more prior offenses, so drivers in this situation face up to six years in prison.

Fine and Court Fees

DUI penalties include financial losses. First, DUI offenders will likely be fined by the court. A DUI fine can be up to $1,000 for first time offenders. For subsequent offences, the fine can go up to $1,500. In addition to fines, drivers found guilty of DUI are responsible for paying associated court and administrative fees, so that those costs are not passed on to taxpayers.

Community Service

DUI penalties in Colorado include mandatory public service. Drivers found guilty of their first DUI will be required to serve at least 48 hours of community service, and up to 120 hours. As with other DUI penalties, community service sentences are likely to increase with subsequent DUI offenses.

Substance Abuse Treatment

If a driver is found guilty of DUI, they face supervised probation. In most cases, drivers are required to undergo substance abuse treatment during their probation period. Substance abuse treatment may include mandatory educational classes as well as therapy.

License Suspension

A guilty verdict on a DUI charge is likely to result in license suspension, as well as points assessed against your driver’s license. Depending on the details of the case, a license may be suspended for up to two years. After a third offense, a person’s driver’s license can be suspended for up to five years.

Defending DUI Charges

Many drivers think there is no way to defend themselves against a DUI charge, but that is not true. There are many defenses available to help drivers minimize or reduce charges so that they face lesser DUI penalties, or none at all. However, a strong DUI defense requires experience and legal expertise, which is why it is so important to work with a DUI lawyer to create an effective defense strategy.

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