Divorce Tips for Men: Advice from Family Law Attorneys By Fred Dunsing on October 12, 2019

Signing divorce papersMen face a number of unique challenges in divorce proceedings given gender norms and expectations. Sometimes men are put in an unfair position even if they are capable parents or responsible providers. This is why working with a divorce attorney is so crucial. They offer guidance through the complexities of the divorce process, and can help you with proceedings and how they unfold.

The Denver, CO law firm of Dunsing, Deakins & Galera, LLC would like to share some advice for men going through a divorce. These tips will be helpful for divorce proceedings as well as child support and child custody disputes.

Establish Your Priorities

Once divorce proceedings get underway, it’s important to consider your priorities at the end of a marriage. List your assets and what you’re set on keeping, and think about what really matters to you in the short term and the long run. If you’re a father, consider your children’s priorities at this stage of life and how you can best provide for them moving forward.

Compile Your Financial Documents

Divorces mean looking over finances and making divisions accordingly. Gather together all of your financial documents so they are ready and accessible. You should get this done as soon as possible.

Communicate with Your Former Spouse

Not all divorces can be amicable splits, but it’s important that you try to maintain some channel of communication with your former spouse. Being able to communicate with your spouse will make the divorce process much easier. Our Denver divorce attorneys can also suggest other means of communication and negotiation to avoid court fights and maintain a relationship that’s at least professional.

Spend Time with Your Kids

Your children’s needs have to come first, which includes their emotional needs. Be sure to communicate with your children and spend time with them. This can make a major difference for you and your kids as the divorce gets underway. Let them know you will be a presence in their lives, and keep their needs in mind.

Do Not Conceal Any Assets or Debts

Honesty is always going to be the best policy in a divorce, so it’s important that you do not hide assets or debts from your spouse. If these come to light later on, it can lead to major disputes and a breakdown of communication and any previous goodwill.

Note Any Large Assets

Big assets like houses, vehicles, and retirement accounts are worth considering, especially if you want to maintain ownership. Keep these assets at the forefront of your mind and any divorce proceedings or mediation.

Talk with Loved Ones About Your Feelings

Going through a divorce can be emotionally and physically draining. Do not hesitate to talk about that you’re feeling with family members and friends. If you can talk to them about your feelings and what you’re going through, it can make the divorce that much easier to get through. Men are often considered logical and unemotional, but don’t fall into the trap of stoicism when you have something weighing heavy on your mind.

Speak with Skilled Divorce Attorneys

For more information about divorces and the end of a marriage, be sure to contact our team of divorce and family law attorneys. You can reach Dunsing, Deakins & Galera, LLC by phone in Denver at (303) 758-8981 and in Avon at (970) 343-0023.

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